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We have 70 head of these heifers for sale.  Red Angus bred heifers from the H&F Red Angus Cattle operation and Pieper Red Angus genetics.  Heifers were bred to easy calving with performance genetics bulls.  Bred A.I. to Mushrush Superman, and pasture exposed to, HPR CLASSIC COUNTRY 9927, HPR COMPASS 7549, HPR ROLL EM ET 7016, and HPR GOOD FAITH 6626. Heifers were Ultrasound Preg checked on July 22. Heifers are on native grass until the first of October and then will be preg checked again by a licensed Veterinarian, and will be ready for delivery by the middle of October.  Ultrasound preg check breeding dates and pelvic measurement records on individual heifers will be available to buyer.  All heifers were DNA tested (Stayability, Maternal Calving Ease, Tenderness, Percent Choice, RFI-Bos Taurus) and checked to be BVD PI negative.  Brothers to these heifers bred to the same genetics earned 2019 Red Angus Association Grid Master award. Check out on the next pages what our genetics will do for your operation.  

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