For Sale:
15 head Fancy Bred coming 3 year old Cows.  Cows were bred to HPR COMPASS 7549, HPR ROLL EM ET 7016, HPR GOOD FAITH 6626, HPR SEQUOYA 1889. Cows were unltasound Preg with due dates July 29, and will be Preg check Preg off grass by Dr Casey Barten of BlueStem Vet. 
These are Cows that know how to produce the pounds on their calves.  They express a great combination of calm  disposition, and the ability to milk the production on their calves.   This group came from the same Pieper Red Angus genetics breeding as our 2017 bred Certified Red Angus heifers that are for sell.     Give us a call, and let us help put the power of H&F Red Angus cattle to work for your cow/calf operation.